LeahJung.com Redesign Preview

In my first post I mentioned I was going to be working on the redesign for Leah Jung‘s website, and now the design has past the approval phase! I say that fairly jokingly since Leah is quite possibly one of my favorite clients: the kind that pretty much lets me get away with whatever I want design-wise and only has the most basic of changes/requests. It’s refreshing to have a project like this every so often to remind us designers that, yes, there are people out there that respect the skill set we have and realize that if we make design decisions, it’s almost always for a very good reason.

This project is especially fun because I was able to pull some LOUD colors from her tattoos and play with some decorative elements that relate back nicely to her tattoos. The background image on the homepage is from a photo by Nino Gallego, and was awesome to work with.

Leah Jung Homepage

LeahJung.com Blog Page

Now onto the development stage: wordpress, css, php, facebook apps, twitter apps, lots of ginger beer and late, late nights here I come!