Ace Goulet

I’ve worked the last 18 years in web technology with a skill set that covers a broad range of areas including extensive WordPress development and best practices implementation, iOS development (Swift), front-end development (HTML5, SASS/CSS3, Javascript/jQuery, etc), PHP, Rails, mobile and cross browser/platform compatibility, responsive design and development, etc.

I live in San Diego with my wife and our two dogs. We relocated here from New York City a few years ago and have been enjoying the sunshine. We are avid motorcycle enthusiasts, hikers, dog lovers, and I also fancy myself a (very amateur) musician.

I’ve rescued several canines from the clutches of evil, harnessed ancient Mayan magic to stop the world from ending, hiked through an active volcano, jumped out of several perfectly good airplanes, swam with 18 foot sharks, rode my motorcycle for 35 days and 9,235 miles through 3 countries and 23 states, used the power of my mind to heal a ruptured lumbar disc, became a beastmaster, went on a desert spirit quest.

I guess I’ve done some dev stuff too…

Still here? Cool, use the stuff below if you want to know more about me or get in touch!