Ace Goulet

With over 25 years of experience in engineering as both an individual contributor and a technology leader, I have guided teams to create exceptional products while fostering career growth and achieving organizational goals. My expertise extends to shaping strategic direction and product vision. I build strong, confident teams and communities, and I am dedicated to removing obstacles to ensure the success of my direct and indirect reports.

I live in San Diego with my wife, our son, and our dog. Originally from NY, we relocated to the west coast to enjoy the weather. We are avid motorcycle enthusiasts, hikers, dog lovers, and I also fancy myself a (very amateur) musician.

My extensive background as an engineer and leader has enabled me to shape strategic direction and product vision, ensuring projects exceed expectations. I focus on building strong, cohesive, and confident teams by fostering collaboration, continuous learning, and mutual respect. My core strength lies in removing obstacles and empowering team members through mentorship and best practices. With a holistic approach to software engineering, I oversee all project phases, ensuring meticulous management, code quality, and scalability. Committed to driving innovation and growth, I am dedicated to the success of every engineering initiative I undertake.

Skills Include:

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