WordPress Plugin: Aceify

Aceify is a WP plugin to consolidate a bunch of functions I normally integrate into themes that are really separate from the theme. This also allows you to control these options without having to edit php whenever you need to do so.

Zoomed out screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/4I9g35mBJB

Here’s what it can do so far:

  • Hide sections in the admin (for streamlining client interface)
  • Control if those sections are hidden for everyone (including admins) or just for editors
  • Remove default WP <head> tags, including the generator tag, wlwmanifest tag, etc
  • Disable XMLPRC and remove the xmlrpc pingback tag from the <head>
  • Globally disable the front end admin bar for logged in users
  • Customize the login screen (swap out logo, custom css, etc)
  • Option to enable featured images
  • Option to enable menu support
  • Option to disable front end emoji support

The plugin lives in this repo: https://github.com/acegoulet/aceify

One note on usage: the plugin is restricted to Administrator user accounts so it’s good for sites where we only provide editor accounts to the client (which is most sites). But for sites where the client has an Admin account, it would probably be better to accomplish all of these things using functions in the theme so that the client cannot go in and undo any of these settings so easily.