WordPress Digest #39

This bi-weekly serves to inform and enlighten our minds on latest happenings in the sprawling countryside we call WordPress Land. WordPress Land maintains close ties with Sweden despite its lawless terroristic reputation.

Release News

  • Work is well underway for the WP 4.7.3 Milestone, with a lot of discussion around better code editors in WordPress and possibly replacing the “HTML View” in the content editor with a legit code editor, which would be pretty cool.

Extending WordPress

  • No Longer in Directory is a plugin that tells you if other plugins you have installed are no longer being list in the official WP plugin directory. This is helpful since plugins can often be removed because of security issues and the plugin review team does not have a good system for alerting sites that have those plugins installed.
  • WP Super Cache, one of the most popular WP caching plugins, just released an update that patches an XSS security vulnerability.
  • Content Locker is a new WP plugin for restricting access to content behind a paywall. Visitors can “pay” for content by liking, sharing or signing up for an account. This is brand new and the features aren’t super robust, but it could be useful for simple implementations of “paywalled” content..
  • In a hearty dose of irony, BlogVault, a security and backup service with a WP plugin that’s active on over 20k sites, suffered a security breach which infected some customer sites with Malware.

Grab Bag

  • OSTraining, an open source software education site, has recently launched a 40 video WordPress Beginner Course on YouTube. I can only hope the comment sections are filled with as much insightful criticism as and other instructional videos on YouTube, such as “your technique is terrible” and “kill yourself.”
  • WordCamp Miami has adopted an 80’s theme for it’s March conference in what I can only assume is the organizers’ attempt to encourage more cocaine use.
  • WP Engine released a webinar called “Harden the Heart of Your WordPress Site” which is perfect companion for hardening your own heart to the plight of mankind by caring about this crap while the world is falling apart at the damn seams.

If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.” – Albert Einstein, 1945