WordPress Digest #37

This bi-weekly serves to inform and enlighten our minds on latest happenings in the sprawling countryside we call WordPress-land. Millions of people read the last issue of WP Digest, by far the highest rated bi-weekly publication in history. #alternativefacts

Release News

  • WP 4.7.1 security release dropped a few days back. It’s highly recommended that sites update to this version for stability and security, and most sites should have automatically unless auto updates are disabled. Here’s a rundown of the changes included.
  • There’s some discussion going on around adding some data structure to core WP content. The trick is doing so while maintaining portability and data integrity. The conversation is started here and there’s some interesting ideas for the future of WP content.
  • Looks like the WP Settings API might be seeing some love. The improvements will take time and start with better accessibility on the settings pages, but any progress in this area is good news.

Extending WordPress

  • Automattic released a plugin for directly exporting photos from Lightroom into WordPress.com sites or self-hosted WP sites that leverage JetPack.
  • Tired of running through all those steps that you run through every damn time you install WP? This plugin takes care of some of them for you…now you just need to remember to install this plugin.
  • Tired of selling artisanal, locally-sourced toilet paper? Want to pivot your business to free-range, grass-fed adult diapers? Use the new Woo Product Remover plugin to scrub away the detritus of all your existing WooCommerce products.

Grab Bag

This section is changing from WP Drama to Grab Bag and merging with the Misc section. Sometimes it’ll be drama, sometimes it’ll be random news, sometimes it’ll just be a dang meme that tickled my fancy. Life isn’t always about drama. Get over it.

  • Given the fact that WordPress powers such a stupidly large percentage of the internet, it’s not surprising there are so many WP-centric events. In addition to the popular WordCamps, there’s also a bunch of niche events, and Torque has graciously assembled a roundup of some of the ones slated for 2017.
  • Aaron D. Campbell, a WP core contributor sponsored by GoDaddy, has taken over the role of Security Czar for WP, a role that was introduced in 2015 to provide better support for security issues. It feels a little ironic to name the top WP security position after Eastern European aristocracy… but whatever… it’s fine… everything is fine.
  • The Obama Foundation launched their new, WP-powered website. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see it through the tears as I played Adele’s Someone Like You on repeat and tattooed #thanksobama across my chest.

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