WordPress Digest #19

This bi-weekly serves to inform and enlighten our minds on latest happenings in the sprawling countryside we call WordPress-land. As it turns out, WordPress-land happens to be the next realm over from Westeros and is probably where Bran was hiding out last season.

Release News

  • In the wake of the WP 4.5, discussions have begun on feature wishlists for WP 4.6 and beyond, including changes to the Editor, Customizer, Media, and more. Still no word on my Red Rider BB Gun.
  • Multisite is getting some more love in 4.6, which is not as exciting as the multiverse, but I’ll take it.
  • WP 4.5.1 should be released in the next day or so and contains bug fixes related to TinyMCE, and a fix for the Twentyeleven theme…which people still use, apparently.

Extending WordPress

  • A new add on for Gravity Forms adds a pre-submission confirmation page to forms. This will be great when I am testing out forms, allowing me to confirm that my name is, in fact, Appleton Furthermore, and I do, in fact, live at 123 Fake Street.
  • Just in time for this year’s 4/20, WP Dispensary released an update…cause WordPress is cool and all, but have you ever used WordPress…ON WEED?
  • V6.1 of the WordPress for iOS app is out. One of the improvements is supposedly more gesture based interaction, but nothing happens when I use the most universal of hand gestures.

WP Drama

The dirty side of dev.

  • Edit Flow, a popular editorial workflow plugin that is maintained by Automattic had been stagnant for over 2 years, which left many of its users less than happy…until magically, one day after that article was written about the lack of communication and updates, an update was released. Funny how that works.


I don’t know where to file this crap.

  • Beaver Builder, possibly one of the most unfortunately named plugins ever, has just passed $1 million in revenue after two years in business. Maybe they can buy a new name.
  • In a huge “duh” moment, the Guggenheim decided to ditch Joomla in favor of WordPress.
  • I’ve mentioned before how much WPEngine loves their infographics. Well here’s a new one, all about WordPress and #WINNING.

That’s all for now. Check back in two weeks for another rundown.