Recently Launched: BingeGiving

Live Site: | GitHub

This past Saturday I woke up to an email from entrepreneur Salvador d’Auvergne and my old friend and literary-masterpiece-co-author Justin Palma. They needed a website to be built as the sales and biz dev tool for a new project they are launching, BingeGiving. The kicker: they needed it live by Monday. Having an already busy weekend of things I couldn’t cancel or postpone, I logically said, “sure, why not?”

The timing was tight and there was a solid potential for a good amount of content and copy changes, so I suggested a WordPress build, talked through some details, got the Sketch file and set off. (Side note: use Sketch for interactive design if you want a sure-fire way to to win my heart). I blacked out for the next 12 hours and when I came to, it was Sunday evening and the site was live.

The site consists of a scrolling landing page, an intro animation, lots of scrolling effects, and a sub-page template for more general content (FAQ, etc). I had a bunch of fun with the scrolling effects and I always enjoy translating a desktop design into a fully responsive site and handling the mobile and tablet views myself.

Edits and adjustments came in over the next few days and everything was very smooth. The members of their team I interacted with (Salvador, Justin, and BingeGiving President Amy Golden) are excellent communicators and all the feedback was rapid and well articulated; super important when managing lightning fast turn-around times.

The project itself is very cool. It’s a platform that turns digital actions (watching videos, streaming music, etc) into donations to causes, funded by brands. So all that post-apocalyptic electronic synth music I’ve been listening to while writing lines of code? That could translate to money for charities. I’m into that. Learn more on their site and inaugural blog post. I’m very excited to see the cool things BingeGiving is going to accomplish.