Photobooth Fun

Been almost a month since my last update. I’ve been super busy at the Emelin with the season brochure, playbill and annual benefit invitation all having identical deadlines, not to mention rolling out the entire season and everything that goes along with that. Will have some pretty things to post soon as a result though, so that’s cool.

On other fronts, knocked out some print ads for Septimus & Clarissa which will be in New York Magazine and Time Out NY. Won’t be posting those just yet as they haven’t come out in print yet, but those are on the way as well. Also crushed the wordpress template for The Herzog Law Group out of the friggin park today, so that should be launching in the next couple weeks as well. Lots of cool stuff coming very very soon.

In the meantime, I have also randomly been in two places with Edy recently in which there were photobooths, so here is some photoboothing fun:

Union Pool Photobooth and Priyanka and Chris’ Wedding Photobooth