Lockdowns and Lost Lenses

Well so much for my plan to blog every night! We packed in a whole bunch of stuff yesterday and as a result, by the time we got back to the hotel room I was beat. I took a ton of photos and posted some cool stuff to Instagram, which are all viewable in my flickr. By far the coolest shots I took revolved around Alcatraz, which we toured on their night tour. The night tours are the only ones in which visitors can enter the prison hospital, which is so amazingly creepy and eerie and, hands down, the best part of the island. Oh and the morgue…which most people overlook. SO. DAMN. CREEPY. BTDUBS, the place is most definitely not haunted, by I absolutely wouldn’t want to be there alone at night anyway.

Most of my Alcatraz photos had to be taken with my phone and posted to Instagram because I somehow managed to lose my 18-55mm lens at some point walking around SF. All I was left with was the 55-250 mm lens, which was not practical at all for the close confinements of the rooms. Huge bummer, but it gives me an excuse to buy a better one.

I will be posting a lot more shots to Flickr in the next few days, but here are a few of my favorites from yesterday.

HDR image of Alcatraz taken from a hillside in SF.

San Francisco at Night
SF skyline at night taken from the deck of the boat on the return trip from Alcatraz

Shots from the Alcatraz hospital.