Ace Goulet

World Champ @ The Comedy Cellar

On June 30th, I had the pleasure of photographing Judah Friedlander again. This time at The Comedy Cellar, a great place that Judah says is his favorite place to perform in NY. The room is small and using my new 18-135mm lens was perfect. Gave me a great opportunity to really put it through the paces and get used to it. Although the image stabilization really does no good when your whole body is shaking from laughing out loud.

Judah Friedlander @ Comedy Cellar
This was Judah’s favorite shot. There is a rumor kicking around that this may be used for something exciting, so I will certainly post about that should something come of it.

We all grabbed dinner after and I snapped a shot of Edy and Judah just before we all parted ways.

During dinner, Judah mentioned that shot from the last show I photographed was used for his poster in front of Caroline’s. So on the way home I swung over there and grabbed a couple shots of that.

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