Ace Goulet


Wow. It’s been over a month since my last post. A lot has happened, which would account for my lack of posting. I quit my position of Marketing & Creative Director at the Emelin Theatre. I had been there 4 years and it was time to leave. I will still be doing much of their web and design work on a freelance basis. I underwent various stages of panic, extreme productivity, boredom, motivation, and lack of motivation during the subsequent job search before landing the position I was really hoping for: Web Producer at The New School. Specifically handling the Parsons The New School for Design website, special projects, wordpress templates and plugins, jQuery fun, etc etc etc. So basically all the stuff I actually really enjoy doing, in a great work environment (and the pay and benefits certainly don’t hurt either!). Pretty pumped. I start tomorrow and am very much looking forward to it.

Of course, that hasn’t been the only thing to happen in the past month. The rest is much more interesting in photo form, so here goes:

I turned 30 and to celebrate my taking the next step into the grave, I got an age-appropriate Logan’s Run inspired tattoo. Time to dust off those running shoes… (Tattoo done by Dustin Horan, who is excellent at doing palm tattoos.)

In other tattoo news, Dan did a bunch more work on my half sleeve tribute to my grandfather.

I attended NY Comic Con 2011, shadowing Judah and taking shots at his signing table and his various meanderings around the event. Check out a selection of shots in the public facebook gallery. In what is probably the most ridiculous photo I have ever take (above) Judah makes out with Wonder Woman while Batman angrily looks on. This little gem ended up in the Huffington Post. Check it out here.

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