Ace Goulet

Bad Art and Badass Beaches

As I mentioned in my last post, I managed to lose my 18-55 mm lens the other day. Oops. On the up side, it gave me an excuse to buy the HUGE step-up: the Canon 18-135 mm. This lens is so much better it’s almost absurd to even try to compare them. If you have the 18-55 and want to treat yourself and not even remotely regret it, pick up the 18-135. It’s a steal at $329 over at B&H and you can trade in the old one to soften the blow.

Over the past few days we have visited so many incredible places. Really loving it here. Monday we checked out Berkeley and went to the top of the Campanile, which was awesome. Tuesday we went for a ride on the San Fran cable cars (touristy and super sweet), felt like a kid again running around the Exploratorium and wandered around the Presidio (for a little too long). And today we went for a long drive south along Route 1. I cannot stress enough how amazing it was. When I process all of the photos, I will make a longer post talking about it more, but for now I will leave off with two images from a couple beaches we stopped at along the way.

Oh and we ate at this place in Santa Cruz that had the most incredibly bad art for sale on the walls. This little gem was selling for $800. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a shot of the other brilliant pieces, such as the butterfly made of other butterflies and the strawberries floating in outer space.

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