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April Work Hours Bring Super Awesome Project Powers?

What a stupid post title.

But, despite my lack of creativity in branding this post, April has been productive. So here is a recap of some of the more interesting items that hit (or have been started) this past month. Some new Parsons projects went live, a fun responsive page build for Atlantic Records went up, and the new design for the Dead Presidents Lounge was approved. (Visit post page for screenshots of everything mentioned).


Dead Presidents Lounge Website Design is overdo for a facelift and with some pretty exciting PR for them on the horizon, we figured now was the best time to do it. This site will be a wordpress site, responsive, and feature much more timely updates than their current site allows (including an Instagram feed and a blog). The designs are approved and I am currently deep in the dev phase. The site will probably launch in a couple weeks.


For Your Sake
The lovely Edith Levin designed a beautiful iBook for Atlantic Records recording artsists Shinedown, titled For Your Sake. To help promote the iBook, she also designed a one-page promo site for the book, which she enlisted me to build. The page is responsive and features a jQuery UI slider that makes use of a little script snippet found here to readjust the slider each time a browser window is resized. I can’t stress enough how useful this little piece of code is. Kudos to the author, Dave Kinsella.


Parsons Website Upgrades
Two new pieces on the Parsons site went live this month. One is a new Academics page that makes use of Isotope to create a filterable page of the various program offerings at the school. The menu is built with pretty standard jQuery but the most interesting aspect is the URL filtering. Based on parameters passed in the URL, the page can offer up pre-filtered results and even hide the menus and change the page title so this one page can function in many different capacities. For example, if you visit, you will find yourself on a page dedicated entirely to their BFA offerings.


The other Parsons item is a fun interactive map that shows the various admission events that Parsons conducts across the country and around the world. I made use of the Maphighlight plugin plus some extra jQuery for menus, show/hides and like the academics page, URL filtering.

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